Kim Kardashian Hollywood game for mobile devices

kimKim Kardashian Hollywood is one of the most popular games on both the App Apple Store and Google Play. It was created in 2014 by the famous TV personality with the same name, Kim Kardashian. The game is free, and it takes you on a Hollywood rollercoaster of money and fame if you know how to level up quickly and keep up with Kim K. In other words, the purpose of this game is to try to rise through the ranks of the social scene of Los Angeles. In the end, you have to become as famous as Kim, and she will be there to help you along the way.

What the Game Is Like

When you first start playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, you have to create your star. You have to give him/her a name, and then customize the character as you wish. You can change the hairstyle, the color of the eyes, the lips, and many other features, including clothes. If you spend enough time on customization, you can even get your character to look like you.img

Furthermore, your star will be on the “no-list” and will have a poorly paid job in a clothing store. Surprisingly, after your boss gives you some quick tasks, Kim Kardashian herself shows up at your store to buy a dress. You help her out, and then she invites you to a party. This is the very first event that will launch you towards becoming famous. But there is so much more than you can do from meeting celebrities, gaining a fan base and becoming rich to planning your wedding, having children, owning an expensive house, traveling to different cities and more.

How to Play the Game

The game is based on quick tasks that the people you meet will give you. You can see what everybody is saying in dialog boxes that pop out, and you can make decisions accordingly. The game will evolve based on your choices. Plus, for each task that you complete by tapping on some objects, you will receive money. However, you will lose energy, and without it, you can’t do much in the game. To recharge your batteries, you can either pay real money to buy energy or wait a few hours until it comes back to you. You can also use real money to buy more beautiful outfits.

Graphics, Design & Other Featuresstart

Kim Kardashian Hollywood game uses high-quality graphics with vivid colors and a girly aesthetic that resembles the Bratz dolls. The sound effects and the background music are entertaining and modern, and they keep up with what happens in the game. At the same time, it allows you to log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Pros and Cons

You have lots of options to choose from in the game to customize it as you like. It is entertaining, fun, and it can become addictive. However, it could receive a better update on difficulty. Regardless of what level you may have, the game does not become harder to play, which can make everything turn into a boring routine after a while.